Automate creation of Jira images and running of Jira containers

#docker  #selenium  #jira  #bamboo 
To keep track of new Jira version releases and testing the new versions becomes a lot handier if an instance of the new Jira version is started automatically as soon as it is released. The setup presented in the following does exactly that. Using a daily running Selenium script checking the Jira download website, Jira releases are detected. This triggers the built of a new Jira image and a docker container is run from the image. Another Selenium script performs the setup of Jira using the setup wizard. In the end, a notification is sent to a slack channel containing the URL and the credentials for your new Jira instance.
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Getting started with the docker API

#docker  #python  #jira 
The docker API can be used to control the docker daemon using REST calls. This can come in handy when controlling docker on a remote machine, or writing scripts to automate the creation, startup, shutdown and destruction of docker containers. Using it comes with some differences from the terminal interface or docker-compose though, so this is how i got started.
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